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We have built many pieces of equipment and buildings on this farm.  Some, such as the seed storage and conditioning facility took a lot of work and time and some are weekend projects.  Take a tour.


This mower was built from salvaged parts from an old discarded machine.  A new Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine and a John Deere deck were purchased.  Hydraulics, wheels, drive parts and controls were all from junked machines.  Some sheet metal and frame pieces were formed from new stock.  The 60 inch mower performs quite well.




The 4 foot speedmover was built almost entirely from the junk pile.  The only purchased parts were the hydraulics and new tires.  It is just right for the 4100 John Deere tractor.  It does a nice job of grading the driveways and moving dirt or sand where needed.





The photo at the left shows a stage of construction of our seed storage facility.  The winch boom on the right foreground was one of my first projects, built about 40 years ago from scrap.  Not visible is the hydraulic driven winch and tractor that operates the cable and hook.





Below are photos of a project for which we supplied the steel and did the fabrication.  In the restoration of the local movie theater it was discovered that snow load on the roof had damaged some of the wooden trusses.  The design engineer for the insurance company determined that the building could be saved and the trusses were lifted back up to the original position with beams and threaded rods.  The primary contractor for the work was TEHE Enterprises, Goodland Kansas.









Left, Jeep restored by Carl for his mother in law


Right, trailer built by Carl for a neighbor






Wheelchair ramp and steps for a church entry built in shop in sections and bolted together on site.  Paintwork and concrete done by other church members.



We built our house in 1972.  We bought the structural components through our local lumber yard from a company in South Dakota that did the architectural drawings and precut floor system, assembled the outside walls in sections with insulation and outside covering.  Windows had to be installed after the walls were up.  Roof trusses came pre-built.  The entire house came on one truck.  We had a local contractor put up the basement and shell.  We bought the rest of the materials locally and did the shingles, brickwork, interior, heating system, plumbing, and electrical ourselves.  We did have a bricklayer work on the fireplace and that was how I learned to lay brick.






This glass breaker on the right was built for the community recycling center in 1993 and is still going strong after breaking dozens of barrels of glass.  A set of blades lasts about two years.




The bulldozer was built in December, 2004.  The blade was cut from an old junked propane tank and the lift arms from old machinery parts.



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