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Garst is one of the leading technology companies in the seed business, a leader in the availability of IMI corn and stacked traits.  Garst hybrids excel in consistency and many of the good numbers may not be the top yielder but consistently yield better than the average.  Garst has some of the best dryland hybrids in the business.  In the hot, dry year of 2003 we saw yields ranging from 23 to 63 bushels per acre with low cost inputs.  Yields in 2004 have been as high as 112.8 bpa on a 53 acre field with a seed drop of 12240.  Excellent sorghum hybrids are available as well as alfalfa, sunflowers and soybeans.

Dryland corn recommendations:  3 year rotation of wheat, corn, fallow with tillage limited to the last two months prior to wheat planting.  On our soil, all of the NH necessary to supply the nitrogen needs for the rotation cycle can be applied with one of the tillage operations done in the fallow period.  Only enough nitrogen needs to be applied to maintain a wheat protein level of 13% or more.  Twenty years experience shows that to be from 50 to 80 pounds actual N every third year, depending on grain yield removed.  A seed drop of 12 to 13 thousand seeds per acre is very adequate to produce maximum yields in a 17 inch precipitation zone.  A rotation of herbicides is essential to prevent herbicide resistance.  Weed prevention begins in the fallow period with a good chem-fallow spray program and a final tillage just ahead of planting wheat.  A spring application of a herbicide in wheat minimizes weed growth until after harvest when it is essential to prevent weeds from making seed in the stubble.  It is important to have a good weed control in the corn because it is unlikely that one can produce grain when weeds compete early in the season.  In this rotation  insecticides are rarely needed.  RESIDUE IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE!!!


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